Flights under bridges and similar structures, transmission lines and antennas

Applicable legislation:
  • Regulation on the Rules of the Air (OG 32/18, 10/21)
Approval for flights under bridges and similar structures and transmission lines and antennas can be issued only for the purpose of spraying chemicals for pest control, similar activities in agriculture and forestry and other similar tasks whose performance require low flights.

Pilot must have the appropriate pilot licence and experience of at least 400 flight hours on the appropriate aircraft type.

Operators shall submit application for approval of flights under bridges and similar structures, transmission lines and antennas in free from containing the following data:
  • Name and address of the operator,
  • Type of operation requested
  • Type of aircraft and registration mark
  • Pilot(s) information (name and surname, number and type of pilot licence)
  • Name and details of the area of operation
  • Purpose of flights
  • Date or time period of operation
The following documents must be submitted with the application:
  • appropriate document from national aviation authorities which authorizes the operator for this type of operation or safety assessment that contains identified dangers, risk assessment and mitigation measures for the type of operation required and area of operation,
  • detailed map of the area of operation,
  • certificate of registration
  • certificate of airworthiness,
  • airworthiness review certificate (if applicable),
  • valid licences, ratings and pilot medical certificates for the flight crew involved in operations,
  • certificate of Insurance issued according to EC Regulation 785/2004,
  • noise certificate (if applicable),
  • pilot log book, 
  • written statement of the owner of the property (if applicable – e.g. if there is a risk of damage to a property or people in the area of operations, etc.).