Parachute use and maintenance, parachute jumping and locations for parachute jumping are regulated under Ordinance on parachuting.

Tandem parachuting

Tandem jump can be performed by person who has valid tandem pilot rating. Tandem parachute jumps on natural sites is allowed to tandem pilot who has at least 100 tandem jumps.
Tandem pilot is obliged to inform passenger about:
  1. existence or non-existence of an insurance policy covering the risk of injury caused to passenger,
  2. emergency procedures in the aircraft,
  3. aircraft exit procedure,
  4. free fall procedure,
  5. parachute activation procedures,
  6. main parachute failure procedure, and
  7. landing procedure.
Tandem pilot must develop and document passenger information procedures, which can be made in the form of checklists.

Parachute jumps on natural sites

Parachute jumps on natural sites has to be authorized by CCAA. Request for authorization of an parachute jumps on natural sites has to be submitted to the Flight Authorization Office.