1. FRM-FAO-001 Application for non-schedule air services
  2. FRM-FAO-002 Application for schedule air services
  3. FRM-FAO-003 Application for helicopter operations to and from natural helicopter landing sites
  4. FRM-FAO-004 Application for aerial work operations performed by foreign operators in the Republic of Croatia
  5. FRM-FAO-005 Application for aircraft take-off and landing on natural land and water operating sites
  6. FRM-FAO-006 Application for transport of dangerous goods
  7. FRM-FAO-007 Application for flight of foreign aircraft with special airworthiness certificate or permit to fly in the Croatian airspace
  8. FRM-FAO-008 Application for parachute jumps on natural land operating sites
  9. FAO-FRM-009 Application for the approval of flights of uncontrolled self-propelled flying objects
  10. FAO-FRM-010 Application for the authorisation for release of unmanned free balloons
  11. FAO-FRM-011 Application for the approval of flights below minimum heights
  12. FAO-FRM-012 Block Permit application form
  13. FAO-FRM-013 Application for the authorisation for use of captive balloons (unmanned)