About us

Croatian Civil Aviation Agency was founded by an Act on Amendments to the Air Traffic Act, adopted by Croatian Parliament on its session from 20th of April 2007 (Official Gazette 46/2007). Founder of the Agency is the Republic of Croatia, with Government of the Republic of Croatia holding the founding rights pursuant to the afore-mentioned Act. Agency is independent and non-profit legal entity which conducts activities in the interest of the Republic of Croatia within the scope defined in the Air Traffic Act and Statute of the Agency. The Agency reports to the Government of the Republic of Croatia by submitting Annual Work Reports.

Agency began with its operation on 9th of March 2009. Activities of the Agency include air traffic safety related tasks, especially certification, oversight and supervision with the objective of ensuring continuing compliance with the requirements of the air transportation and other air traffic related activities, keeping of all relevant registers and records, and any other task as defined under the Air Traffic Act.

Activities of the Agency fall under the competence of the Ministry of the Maritime Affairs, Traffic and Infrastructure. Pursuant to the provisions of the Air Traffic Act and the Agency's Statute, Agency is governed by the Agency Board consisting of five members. The Board is appointed by the Government upon the proposal of the Minister. The Agency Board has no executive or regulatory authority and cannot impose measures which fall under the jurisdiction of the Agency.