I want to submit a complaint

Passengers who believe they have a valid complaint against an airline regarding denied boarding, downgrading, cancellation or long delay to a given flight should first submit such a complaint to the airline operating the flight concerned.

If the airline fails to provide you with a reply within 30 days of receipt or if you are not satisfied with its reply, this form should be sent to the national enforcement body (NEB) in the Member State where the incident took place.

If the incident took place at an airport of departure outside the EU and if the operating air carrier of the flight concerned is a Community carrier you may contact the national enforcement body in the Member State of flight destination.

List of competent national enforcement bodies is available in document National Enforcement Bodies under Regulation [EC] 261/2004.

When the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency is the competent body regarding the case, it is necessary to submit a filled complaint form signed by all adults to whom it applies together with the following documentation:
  • flight ticket,
  • proof that the carrier / airport has been previously contacted,
  • invoices for additional costs if their refund is requested (drinks, meals, hotel accommodation, telephone call).
If the complaint is submitted by intermediary, it is necessary to provide us with a copy of the passenger's identification document (passport or ID card), Power of attorney and Statement signed by the passenger. Signature on the Power of attorney and Statement must be identical to the signature of the passenger on the attached ID card or passport.
The submitted complaint and documentation (or translation of the documentation) should be in Croatian or English.

The procedure conducted by the Agency is free of charge.

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