EUR-Lex offers free access to the EU legislation and public documents. Web page is available in 24 official EU languages. Preferred language may be selected from the language bar at the upper right corner of the home page.

EUR-Lex offers: daily edition of the Official Journal of the European Union online, simple search, advanced search and browsing options, the possibility to display and/or download documents (PDF, HTML, DOC, TIFF), analytical metadata for each document.

On 1st of July 2013 Croatia became member of the European Union. From that day EUR-Lex has become available in Croatian language, meaning that EU legislation is published in 24 official language of the EU. Legislation adopted prior to 1st of July 2013 is rapidly being translated into Croatian language.

EU law may be searched on the following link: Query may be done by the type of act, by number and by year of documents (i.e. 216/2008).

Within the European Union jurisdiction, EU institutions may pass regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations and opinions.

Regulation is a binding legislative act which must be applied in its entirety across the EU. Regulation implementing act shall be passed only exceptionally, if required by the provisions of the regulations.

Directive is a legislative act which is binding in the terms of the goal it aims to achieve. However, member states independently decide on the means of achieving the goal through implementing acts.

A decision is entirely binding on those to whom it is addressed.

Recommendations and opinions are not binding.