• Delivery of airworthiness review certificate
    1. AIRW-FRM-020 Notice of issue or renewal of airworthiness review certificate

  • Flight permit approval
    1. AIRW-FRM-003 Flight permit application
    2. AIRW-FRM-004 Flight Permit Conditions Approval Form (EASA_Form_18b)
    3. AIRW-FRM-006 Supplement to the Flight Permit Requirement Form

  • Airworthiness of Aircraft
    1. AIRW-FRM-001 Request for Airworthiness Certificate
    2. AIRW-FRM-010 Request for a certificate of airworthiness review

  • Airplane Noise Certificate
    1. AIRW-FRM-007 Request for an Airplane Noise Certificate

  • Aircraft Maintenance Program
    1. AIRW-FRM-011 Application for approval of aircraft maintenance program
    2. AIRW-FRM-013 Aircraft Maintenance Program Compliance List with Part M

  • ICAO Mod S code for aircraft
    1. AIRW-FRM-014 Requirement of ICAO Mode S for aircraft

  • Prihvaćanje osobe koja obavlja provjeru plovidbenosti u svoje ime (Part ML)
    1. MAI-FRM-023 Zahtjev za osobu koja obavlja plovidbenost u svoje ime

    Annex I aircrafts

    1. AIRW-FRM-015-A Request for the issue or extension of the amateur aircraft construction license
    2. AIRW-FRM-015-B Request for acceptance of amateur-built aircraft
    3. AIRW-FRM-015-C Application for an in-flight test permit for an amateur-built aircraft
    4. AIRW-FRM-015-D Application for Issuance or Extension of an Amateur Aircraft Flight Permit
    5. AIRW-FRM-015-E Application for approval of an amateur-built aircraft maintenance program
    6. AIRW-FRM-015-F Application for approval of an amateur-built aircraft maintenance program
    7. AIRW-FRM-015-G Request for approval of an amateur-built aircraft modification

  • Flight permit (other Annex I aircraft)
    1. AIRW-FRM-021 Request a permit to fly

  • Maintenance programs (other Annex I aircraft)
    1. AIRW-FRM-023 Request for maintenance

    Organisations for Annex I aircrafts

    1. MAI-FRM-009a Zahtjev za Annex I organizaciju za kontinuiranu plovidbenost i održavanje
    2. MAI-FRM-010a Zahtjev za Annex I priručnik organizacije

    Part-145, Part_M, Part-147, Part-CAMO, Part-CAO Organisations

  • Application for Part-145 and Part-MF Organisations
    1. MAI-FRM-003 EASA Form 2 145MF

  • Application for Part-CAMO and Part-MG Organisations
    1. MAI-FRM-016 EASA Form 2 CAMO

  • Application for part-CAO Organisations
    1. MAI-FRM-020 EASA Form 2 CAO

  • Application for Part-147 Organisations
    1. MAI-FRM-014 EASA Form 12 147

    1. QSM-FRM-108 EASA Form 4

  • Continuing Airworthiness, Maintenance and Maintenance training Organization Expositions
    1. MAI-FRM-007 Application for the Approval of Organisation's Exposition
    2. MAI-FRM-008 CAME Part-M compliance list
    3. MAI-FRM-009 MOE Part-145 Compliance List
    4. MAI-FRM-010 MOE Part-M Compliance List
    5. MAI-FRM-011 CAME Part-CAMO Compliance List
    6. MAI-FRM-013 CAE Part-CAO Compliance List
    7. MAI-FRM-022 MTOE Part-147 Compliance List

    Aircraft technical log system

    1. AIRW-FRM-016 Application for approval of aircraft technical book
    2. AIRW-FRM-017 Aircraft Technical Book Compliance List

    Aircraft registry

    1. ALR-FRM-001 Application for entering of aircraft into croatian registry of civil aircraft
    2. ALR-FRM-002 Application for issuance of new document in case of loss or damage to the documents issued in croatian registry of civil aircraft proceedings
    3. ALR-FRM-009 Application for the entering of data and the change of data in croatian registry of civil aircraft
    4. ALR-FRM-010 Application for the removal of aircraft from croatian registry of civil aircraft